A new publication featuring MethylDetect’s products is now published In Scientific Reports.

  A new publication featuring MethylDetect’s products is now published In Scientific Reports,   for more details and the text see: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33972578/

TATAA Biocenter to distribute MethylDetect’s DNA methylation assays and co-develop methods courses

Göteborg, Sweden, and Aalborg, Denmark 03-07-2019   TATAA Biocenter to distribute MethylDetect’s DNA methylation assays TATAA Biocenter inks distribution agreement with MethylDetect to provide their DNA methylation assays in Scandinavia, Czech and Slovak Republics. “As Scandinavia’s leading distributor of molecular analyses products, we are constantly expanding our offerings with novel solutions, new innovations and important…

MEDWATCH.dk about MethylDetect ApS

  Read more at: https://medwatch.dk/secure/Medicinal___Biotek/article11209406.ece    

MethylDetect ApS recives suport from InnoBooster program by Innoation Found Denmark

31 January 2019 Aarhus, Denmark   We are happy to announce that we have received support from Innoation Found Denmark under InnoBooster program to further develop our portfolio of sample-to-answer products dedicated to research customers.

Ampliqon A/S and Methyldetect ApS inked a collaboration agreement

5thof February 2019 Aarhus-Odense, Denmark   MethylDetect ApS, an Aarhus based company established in 2017, to commercialize their proprietary methylation biomarker detection technology invented at Aarhus University. Compared to other available assays the technology is specific, sensitive, rapid, cost effective and run on standard PCR equipment.   Ampliqon A/S is a well-established biotech company located…

GenomeWeb news tells MethylDetect’s story and about our new studies

MethylDetect Looks to Leverage High-Resolution Melt Tech for Oncology Assay Development       full story at: https://www.genomeweb.com/pcr/methyldetect-looks-leverage-high-resolution-melt-tech-oncology-assay-development?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=GWDN%20Fri%20PM%202019-01-25&utm_term=GW%20Daily%20News%20Bulletin#.XEwyFy2ZMc0

Our assay helps to identify cancer predisposition – Lynch Syndrome

MethylDetect’s assay targetting MLH1 gene is now a part of the NICE-mandated Lynch Syndrome pre-screen test. The results showing the performance of our MLH1 methylation testing assays, performed in collaboration with Sarah Cannon Molecular Diagnostics, https://sarahcannon-md.co.uk , were presented at the National Cancer Research Institute conference 2018. see: MLH1 Promoter Hypermethylation: Development and Preliminary Validation of a Methylation-Specific High…

Proud to be one of the finalists of SCALE-UP Denmark National Finale 2018

WHEN: 1 NOVEMBER14.00-18.00 WHERE:  SAV VÆRKET, ÅRHUS, Søren Nymarks Vej 8A, 8270 Højbjerg FOR MORE INFO visit: https://mgra08.wixsite.com/scaleupdenmarkfinale

Methyldetect’s CEO Tomasz K Wojdacz invited to give a talk at High Tech Summit powered by DTU (Technical University of Denmark)

Business Talk: “Molecular Biomarkers – a key to personalized medicine” by Tomasz K. Wojdacz, CEO, MethylDetect ApS in session: Biomarkers – The key to personalised health (Organised by Med Tech Innovation & Biopeople) for more info see: https://www.tilmeld.dk/HighTechSummit2018/programme.html    

MethylDetect ApS featured in September profile of the month at BIOPEOPLE

Interview about what we do, methylation biomarkers, our current product, technology (MS-HRM) and future IVD (in-vitro diagnostic) plans. see more at: https://biopeople.eu/news/show/september-profile-methyldetect/  

Methyldetect’s Co-Founder A/Professor LL Hansen invited to give a talk at 4BIO Summit: Europe

qPCR & Digital PCR Congress, 27th-28th Nov 2018, Rotterdam, Netherlands EXPLORING ADVANCES IN TECHNOLOGY AND RESEARCH IN QPCR, DPCR/NGS, MICROFLUIDICS & GENE EDITING Talk title: Methylation-Sensitive High-Resolution Melting (MS-HRM) for sensitive DNA methylation assessment   for details see: http://www.global-engage.com/event/4bio-qpcr/#register  

Visit us at 4BIO Summit 2018, 27th-28th Nov 2018, Rotterdam, Netherlands

We are one of the sponsors and will exhibit at  4BIO Summit: Europe, 27th-28th Nov 2018, Rotterdam, Netherlands for more info: http://www.global-engage.com/event/4bio/  

We have qualified to Accelerace program – Europe’s leading seen accelerator 

For the next year we will be developing or business with the advicers from the Europe’s leading seen accelerator Methyl Detect

Talk To MethylDetect At Danish Ip Fair On May 9th

We will be at the Danish IP Fair on May 9th, with the intention to meet anyone interested in learning, and possibly using, our MS-HRM and cancer biomarker IP. There are all kinds of opportunities that we are open to discussion on. For example: Can you use MS-HRM in your own R&D? Would MS-HRM assays add value…

Nature Biotechnology Publication on DNA Methylation Assays, Including MS-HRM

Follow this link, or click on the picture to read how MS-HRM compares in a thorough and wide-ranging study of DNA methylation assays, published in Nature Biotechnology: