Our Mission

Methyl Detect serves the needs of researchers by providing fast, sensitive and quantitative DNA methylation assays that can be used on widely available laboratory equipment.

We are a team comprising university researchers and experienced biotechnology entrepreneurs, located in Denmark. In January 2017 we formed Methyl Detect.

Methyl Detect brings Methylation Sensitive High Resolution Melting (MS-HRM) assays to the life science research markets. These are gene specific assays for determination of DNA methylation in samples.

You can learn about MS-HRM on our MS-HRM Resource Page.
You can check out our current product catalogue here.

If you are interested in getting hold of a DNA methylation assay that is not in our catalogue, please use the contact form below

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The People Behind Methyl Detect

Peter Roberts

CEO and Co-Founder

Methyl Detect ApS

Lise Lotte Hansen


Associate Professor at Aarhus Institute of Biomedicine

Tomasz Wojdacz


Associate Professor at Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies

Tina Kjeldsen

Product Development Specialist

Methyl Detect ApS