Our Mission

MethylDetect serves the needs of researchers by providing fast, sensitive and quantitative DNA methylation assays that can be used on widely available laboratory equipment.

MethylDetect’s goal is to make the MS-HRM technology easy accessible both for new-comers and experienced researchers in the field of epigenetics.

We offer kits for DNA methylation detection that are ready-to-use and compatible with standard laboratory equipment

We are a team of university researchers and entrepreneurs located in Denmark. In January 2017, we incorporated MethylDetect ApS. Our company provides Methylation Sensitive High Resolution Melting (MS-HRM) technology for researchers in the field of epigenetics.

  • More about MS-HRM: here
  • See our current catalogue: here
  • If your gene of interest is not in our catalogue, we will develop the assay for you. Please use the contact form below.

MethylDetect’s management:

Tomasz K Wojdacz

CEO and Co-founder

Steen Palle

Chairman of the Board

Lise Lotte Hansen

Co-founder, Board member

Lars-Ole Gerlach

Board member

Søren Niebuhr

Board member