EpiMelt Real-Time PCR Master Mix

We have designed the new EpiMelt Real-Time PCR Master Mix for optimal performance with our EpiMelt Methylation Detection Assays. Our Master Mix is available for 200 reactions and 500 reactions. To order the EpiMelt Real-Time PCR Master Mix , request a quote.

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Normalized amplification curves and relative signal difference (-d/dT) plot illustrating positive control (red), assay calibration control (blue), and negative control (orange) from an EpiMelt Methylation Detection Assay after PCR using EpiMelt Real-Time PCR Master Mix. 

The EpiMelt Real-Time PCR Master Mix is a high-specificity, ready-to-use reagent for real-time Hot-Start PCR for melting analysis. Aside from DNA template and primers, the EpiMelt Master Mix contains all components required for real-time PCR, including the EpiMelt Hot Start DNA Polymerase.


The Hot Start DNA Polymerase is a chemically blocked DNA polymerase that is inactive at room temperature, preventing unspecific extension during setup.

This master mix premix formulation saves time and reduces contamination.

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