DNA Methylation Testing Kits

DNA Methylation is one of the most widely studied epigenetic mechanisms of gene expression regulation. Aberrant methylation of increasing number of genes is being shown to contribute to the majority of diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disorders, aging, obesity, allergy, diabetes, depression, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or schizophrenia.

Solid research evidence already shows that DNA methylation-based biomarkers can be utilized at all stages of clinical disease management including:

  • Disease risk assessment
  • Early detection
  • Personalization of treatment
  • Monitoring of chronic disorders and recurrence

The technology was already used for the detection of methylation biomarkers in fields like forensics and such a difficult DNA material sources as liquid biopsies or FFPE tissues.

MethylDetect offers ready-to-use kits for detection of aberrant gene methylation. The kits are based on the MS-HRM (Methylation Sensitive High Resolution Melting) technology and can be used with standard laboratory equipment. Additionally, our new controls system shipped with each kit, provides state-of-the-art experimental reliability.

Methylation detection with MethylDetect’s Kit

1. ADD: The MethylDetect kit components to the bisulfite-modified biological sample and PCR reagents
2. AMPLIFY: Use standard laboratory Real Time-PCR system to PCR amplify the target
3. DETECT: Assess the methylation status of the sequence of interest with a High-Resolution Melting module

Principles of methylation detection with MethyDetect Kit


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